Gree Daisy Dehumidifier 40 Liters


Gree Daisy Dehumidifiers are available in 20 liters and 40 liters, and in colors Gold and White

GREE Daisy Dehumidifier has 5 layer protection such as:

  1. Anti-freezing protection
  2. High-loading protection
  3. Overloading protection
  4. Temperature sensor error protection
  5. Refrigerant lackage protection


Gree Daisy Dehumidifier refreshes your home easily & economically. Gree Daisy Dehumidifiers can help you to

  • Improve your health
  • Dry the clothes inside the house
  • Eliminate mold & moisture
  • Make your home better
  • Reduce heating costs

High humidity affects your life, it can also lead to bacterial colonies growing on moist walls and floors of your home. This is because airborne microbes are responsible for the appearance of respiratory infections and allergies, especially in vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.

Also, increased moisture is responsible for the formation of mold in the bathroom, the ceiling, and generally the walls, the unpleasant odors, and damaged wooden floors and furniture (mold in clothes & wardrobe etc.).