Light & Easy Brights Aqua Iron

Are you a kind hearted person who always knows how best to cheer up your loved ones? Do you put your love into every single thing you iron, whether it’s your little ones school uniform or your parent’s stubborn denim jeans? Do you sometimes look forward to the peaceful escape of ironing, where you can finally get some quiet time?


Then you are definitely the awe-inspiring Aqua. We know how much you love your quiet time and we want to make your ironing experience that little bit more harmonious. With an Aqua body and sole plate, you can be soothes by the relaxing blue, whist being reminded of all of the wonderful attributes you have.

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Variable temperature

Easily adjust your temperature to suit individual items, so you can safely iron more delicate materials or ramp up to the heat for more robust fabrics like denim.

Vertical Steam

Don’t waste time fighting the wrinkles on larger pieces such as curtains. The vertical steam feature means you can smooth them away in situ.