Zanussi Electric Built-in Oven

Model No: ZZB25602XU


  • Uniform heat ventilation system
  • Timer function
  • Anti-fingerprint coating for an always clean oven


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Push your limits with this Multifunction Oven 

With its range of cooking functions, such as lower and upper heating elements, grill or fan, this multifunction oven simplifies cooking, whatever the menu.

Cook without watching the clock

The timer function allows you to serve the meal at the most convenient time. The timer notifies you when your dish is ready.

Keep a clean oven, free of any streaks 

The anti-fingerprint coating of this oven avoids any unsightly fingerprints. Even after hours of use, your kitchen is as clean as day one without hours of cleaning.

The smart assistant that saves you the hassle of meals 

This oven’s Defrost feature takes the worry out of how to prepare frozen foods. It allows them to be defrosted correctly and quickly with just one turn of the knob.

Without Complications

The ventilation system evenly distributes the heat in the oven, and eliminated the need to turn the food.