Zanussi Microwave

The Series 20 Re turntable will start rotating as soon as the cooking process begins, meaning there’s no need to manually turn food part way through. And removing your hot dish when it’s done is easy, as the turntable always returns to its original starting position.

  • Cavity Size: 26L
  • Dimensions (mm)(HxWxD): 459x594x404
  • Noise: 60
  • No. of power levels: 5
  • Maximum Microwave output (W): 900


Grill Function, Built in 

Add a crispy finish to your favourite dishes with the microwave’s grill function. Brown the cheese on lasagne, or sizzle sausages quickly and easily.

Simple Solutions, with the Microwave Function

Effortless results are made easy with out microwave. Heat up from chilled, defrost from frozen, or reheat leftovers – all at the touch of a button.

Easy Open, the Touch – Activated Door

The microwave’s touch-activated door opens instantly. As it is electronic, unlike the more common spring-loaded mechanism, it requires minimal effort to open the door.

Save your Settings, with the Favourite Function

Save your preferred settings on the microwave and get cooking quicker, using the Favourites Function. You only need to programme the power and cooking time once, and then just touch the star shape to activate. Microwave cooking just got easier.